Why Clients Choose the Law Firm of Tina Foster



Tina Foster has more than 15 years of litigation experience, and has defended clients in complex federal court matters including class actions and multi-district litigation. Upon graduation from Cornell Law School, Ms. Foster completed a federal court clerkship at the U.S. Court of International Trade, before joining the law firm of Clifford Chance US LLP. At Clifford Chance, Ms. Foster gained valuable experience representing Fortune 500 companies, banks, and Wall Street executives in civil and criminal cases.

She has argued appeals before U.S. Circuit Courts, and has filed petitions for writ of certiorari to the U.S. Supreme Court.  She has served as lead counsel in high profile cases and appeared in major media outlets around the world on behalf of her clients.  More discretely, she has obtained desired results for clients whose cases were never publicized.




We are able to provide clients with a level of expertise and service that is usually reserved for large corporations that can afford exorbitant legal fees – at a fraction of the cost. Unlike the big firms with towering office spaces overlooking midtown Manhattan, our office is 100% virtual, so we are able to keep our fees far lower for the same work. We value the time we spend in face-to-face meetings with clients – but we don’t require them to come to our office to do it. We go to them – saving our clients both time and money. 





Our firm is deeply committed to promoting universal human rights and is proud to represent individuals and organizations from across the globe in safeguarding those rights. We believe that all people are deserving of human dignity, and we treat all our clients with compassion and understanding. We believe that every individual – regardless of race, religion, or nationality – should live without fear of U.S. and foreign government abuses of power. Our attorneys dedicate a significant portion of their time to providing pro bono services, and a sliding scale fee arrangement may be offered in appropriate circumstances.