Trusted Advisors  ·  Courageous Advocates

Since 2006, the Law Firm of Tina Foster has been a leader in representing businesses, non-profit organizations, and individuals affected by post-9/11 national security policies and discrimination.

Our firm specializes in finding innovative solutions to complex legal problems and has successfully represented clients in many sensitive matters, including:

  • International business transactions and sanctions compliance 
  • Internal and government investigations
  • Complex federal litigation
  • Business formation and non-profit compliance
  • Repatriation and resettlement of foreign nationals
  • Political asylum
  • International law
  • Employment discrimination
  • Civil rights and constitutional law

Our clients come from across the globe, most often from the United States, the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia.  We excel at using a variety of strategies –litigation, mediation and negotiation, diplomacy, and public advocacy – to achieve our clients’ unique goals. 

Our attorneys are experienced litigators and internationally-recognized advocates who are also deeply committed to promoting universal human rights and access to justice. We offer sliding scale rates to non-profit organizations and individuals who are in need of specialized legal services but cannot afford to pay our full fees. 

Our mission is to deliver the highest quality legal services to every client.  We take pride in serving as our clients’ trusted advisors and courageous advocates.